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  • We simply provide transparent, diligent NFL analysis & projections against the spread in a concise weekly summary
  • Our "Money Zone" formula record has been profitable in 4 out of 5 seasons and includes a sample of 600+ Games!
  • Our Picks of the Week were 41-25 (62.12%) in 2018
  •  We let the return on investment speak for itself.  We don't believe in the cockiness/overconfidence approach that plagues this industry
  • We offer premium content at a fair price
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How We Project Winners: has created a formula that determines what the spread should be based primarily on Passer Rating Differential, the most telling statistic of the last 50 years!

Our 5 Year Track Record of Success has proven to be statistically significant!

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Our Annual Fee is one of the lowest rates you will find in the industry.  Handicappers that consistently win at a 55% rate, typically charge several hundreds of dollars per month.  They are also hesitant to disclose their actual records.  On this site, you will receive honest, transparent results at a price that can't be beat.  We also respond to all inquiries directly and often build close relationships with our clients.  We take pride in running a business with integrity.

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How We Started

 After years of being "Square" bettors with no noticeable gains to show, we decided to take a more objective approach.  We now use our financial analysis skills, which have been acquired in the business world, and focus them in on a value-based, empirical way of evaluating pro football.  We have studied and examined statistics to give our clients the best possible chance of creating long term gains through money management and sharp wagering.